After inventing a bestselling excuse-generating app, twelve-year-old Benjamin "Benji" Franklin became the world's youngest and, well, only ZILLIONAIRE. Unlike other fat cats, this tiny tycoon uses his wealth for the greater good instead of selfish gain -- because it's not all about the Benjamins. 

This book is a compilation of two stories. It includes SAVING MONEY and BUILDING WEALTH.


 Benji Franklin is the world’s go-to super genius. He’s already saved the planet twice before, and now he’s at it again. With the help of his extraordinary problem solving skills (and a solid gold submarine or two), he’ll be busy stopping dangerous underwater earthquakes and catching outer-space cyber criminals! But with balancing saving the world and doing his homework, are there some problems too challenging for even the Kid-Zillionaire? 

This book is a compilation and includes BUYING STOCKS & INVESTING WELL.

SAVING MONEY (and the world from killer dinos)

 The Society of Scientific Discovery's cloned dinosaurs have escaped their cages, and Kid-zillionaire Benji Franklin's outside-the-box approach to problem solving is the only thing that can get these pre-historic pests back to their pens! 

BUILDING WEALTH (and super-powered rockets!)

 Being the one and only Kid-Zillionaire on planet means Benji Franklin has to have out-of-this-world problem solving skills. But his creative talents are put to the ultimate test when the President of the United States asks Benji to stop a meteorite headed right for Earth! Can Benji make the high-impact decisions required to stop this space rock from flattening his home planet? 

BUYING STOCKS (and solid gold submarines!)

Deep-sea mining for gold and silver has triggered a chain of dangerous earthquakes, and it’s up to Benji Franklin and his fantastic problem solving skills to put an end to the shakeups and save the nearby islands from disaster. Will Benji’s super-smarts alone be enough to quiet the underwater tremors, or are some problems too big for even the Kid-Zillionaire? 

INVESTING WELL (in supersonic spaceships!)

 A wave of cyber crime using outer space satellites has hit the world’s biggest companies, and now millions of dollars are missing! Normally this cosmic crime would be no sweat for Kid-Zillionaire Benji Franklin and his out-of-this-world problem solving skills, but there’s a problem: his parents won’t let him miss any more school! Can Benji ace his schoolwork AND save Earth from the digital thieves?