Justin's last few days of summer are quickly vanishing. His mom is in full blown back to school mode, and he can’t do anything to stop it. Over the final forty eight hours of summer he’s been dragged shopping for shoes, clothes, and worst all, school supplies.

The first three days of school only get worse when he loses his pet snake, all the money in his savings account, and nearly his own life.

Oh, and he has the meanest teacher in the whole school, Mrs. Cliff. She’s been around so long she taught his dad when he was a kid. The thought of spending a whole school year in her class makes him want to hop the first bus to Canada. Unfortunately, he can’t afford a bus ticket to Canada, so he’ll just have to suck it up. 


Justin’s first week of school was a complete nightmare, and he’s thankful it’s over. He may not be a fan of school, but he’s a huge fan of field trips.

It’s finally the day of the first school trip of the year. All week he’s been looking forward to pumping his fist so truckers will honk their horns, sneaking loads of candy, and having a fun day off. It’s only the second week of school, but he’s already exhausted and needs a break.

Unfortunately for him, his day off isn’t exactly what he had in mind. He’s bitten by a snake, attacked by bees, and blamed for making the whole grade late. Even worse, he’s sent to the hospital and may not even get a chance to finish the trip with the rest of the kids.

It was supposed to be the perfect trip, but it was a total nightmare.


 Justin is a huge fan of Halloween, and it’s the first one that his Mom is allowing him to wear a cool costume: a Clone Trooper. Unfortunately, he can’t seem to stay out of trouble, and his parents have threatened to keep him home while the other kids go trick-or-treat if he can’t get his act together.
His teacher took away his recess for the entire month, and he’s been grounded every weekend. If that’s not bad enough, the rest of the classes at school are busy planning fun parties and activities, and his teacher has him doing research!
His troubles started when he accidentally let the class pet, Myrtle the mouse, loose in the classroom. The Myrtle situation created loads of other problems at school and may even ruin what should be the best Halloween ever.
Will be able to be able to go trick-or-treating? Can he help find the Myrtle the mouse? Will it be the worst Halloween ever? Find out in the latest installment of the School Is A Nightmare Series, Shocktober! 


Justin is not a fan of Thanksgiving. He feels like it’s a “non-holiday”, but it’s November, and his teacher is in full blown Thanksgiving mode. She’s determined to help him learn the true meaning of Thanksgiving, but he’s just looking forward to a few days off from school. To earn them he’ll have to research Thanksgiving, dress up like a pilgrim, and suffer through countless lessons about the holiday.
Unfortunately for Justin, there’s no relief at home because his cousin Darwin is in town. He only met his cousin one time when he was real little, and the only thing he remembers about him is his horrific breath. Darwin is a proud, “non-brusher” and the stench is enough to clear a room.
Will Justin survive the big class feast at school? Can he handle sharing his room with his cousin Darwin “Yuck Mouth” McGee? Will he learn the true meaning of Thanksgiving? Find out in the latest installment of the School Is A Nightmare Series, Yuck Mouth And The Thanksgiving Miracle. 


Justin has been looking forward to winter break since the first day of school. It's finally arrived and he can't wait for some lazy days at home and time off from 4th grade. Unfortunately his family has different plans and they don't include relaxing at home. He thinks school is the worst, but a week off might just have him begging to go back! 


Justin knows how to read, write, and Google, so why in the world does he have to go to 4th grade? There are about a million other things he’d rather be doing with his time. Unfortunately for him the school year is in full swing and there’s nothing he can do to stop it. He’ll just have to suck it up. Quadzilla is a very special super ultra deluxe collection of the first four books in the School Is A Nightmare series. In this rare and unlimited collector’s edition, Justin’s school year begins with the worst first week ever, followed by a field trip you’ll have to take to believe, a Halloween he can’t wait to forget, and perhaps the weirdest Thanksgiving of all.